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Thank you all

I am a mindless fuck toy I guess. I just noticed I have 500 followers. I tend to just search around for Pics to reblog and add my twisted dreams to and not pay much attention to other Tumblr ‘thingees’. Sorry.

So I post this heart felt Thank You to all of you. I’ll try to keep turning out the stuff that made you take a look in the first place.

Kisses and some licks,


My desire on how to end an evening out, if only I was doing it right now.

The sexy micro dress is on the floor with the bra, garter, thong and stockings, kinda piled on the thigh high boots. I made sure one guy would film my willing, wanton descent into a mindless sex object, their fuck toy. My holes are filled with cocks, thrusting into me, making more and more a thing, a living pleasure doll, who wants each thrust to be harder and harder till one fuck hole gets a creamy filling. But, that isn’t enough, like any junkie, I need more, more cocks, bigger cocks, more cum, lots of cum. I want be a black out cum junkie, who is fucked and fucked until the orgasms become a waves of pleasure that build and build till my mind shuts off and I am the perfect pleasure doll, existing to be fucked and only want more.

I got six guys to agree to my fantasy this time. I’ll be a complete cum filled and covered slut in the morning, with throbbing fuck holes that feel empty. The smell of cum and the taste will stay with for the rest of the day and I’ll love it. I head to the shower to clean up and then I put my clothes on from the night before.

I don’t know why they call it the walk of shame, I feel proud to be such a complete slut, in the clothes that attracted six hot guys to fuck me all night long. I giggle, people say I degrade myself into an object, well I like that. Last night, those six guys were just an object, well two objects, nice fat cocks, and nice loads of cum. I only felt lust and desire for those parts of them. 

I shudder to think what I will gladly and willing submit to for the guy I finally fall in love with.

Black cocks, white cocks, small cocks, big cocks, any cock. What I really like about cocksucking is the pleasure I get when the balls tighten, and he gives that final thrust and fills your mouth with the creamy reward. I love the moans of pleasure as he is filling my mouth fuck hole and the taste of the hot cream he pumped in it for me to consume.

I’m not just a pround BBC cocksucker, I’m a proud Cum Slut who loves hot, fresh rewards pumped in me or on me, whatever the cock owner wants to do with that white creamy delight.

How I want to be wanting for Daddy.

Laying on the bed, my ass bare with the cool air playing over it as my clitty strains the front of the thong as I think of Daddy arriving. I want to rub my clitty soo bad, but I have to wait, wait for Daddy to arrive and start to pleasure me. I live for Daddy and pleasure now, my mind only thinks of how to give him pleasure, how I can give myself to him totally, every time. Oh, my ass pussy is throbbing with anticipation of Daddy’s fingers probing, pushing, opening me for his cock. My hips thrust involuntarily as I think of thrusting my ass onto his cock, begging him for deeper and harder thrusts, till he grabs my hair and thrusts hard to fill me with his cream. Oh, please hurry Daddy, I need to be used, I need fucking, I need to submit to whatever and whoever you want.

I hear the door lock click, I slide off the bed letting my clitty rub on the sheets through the thing and I groan as tingles run through me. I crawl on all fours to the living room where Daddy is standing, I crawl in front of him almost panting, and turn around with my head down and my ass up. I wait and I his hand touches my ass and I moan and push at him. STOP SLUT!, he yells.

My breathing quickens, knowing what will happen, I wanted it to happen. His belt is unbuckled, and pulled from the loops, I hear a whoosh of air and then the sting on my ass. My hands grasp at the carpet and wait for the next crack of the belt on my other ass cheek. Swack, and the electric pulses of pleasure race over and through me and I moan. I want more, 4 more smacks of pleasure hit me. I am moaning with my ass on fire and waves of ecstasy. I feel him lube my pleasure hole with his finger and anticipate the thrust, his hands grab my hips and pull my onto his rod. My head empties as he thrusts, over and over, faster, I mouth words, that I feel and don’t think. I as totally his, a fuck toy, a sex object and I love the feeling, I only want more and more. My hair is being pulled, my clitty is rock hard, he pulls, harder and thrusts deeper into me as his cock throbs and pulses the creamy cum deep in me. My clitty bursts and I orgasm with a scream.

Daddy lets his cock slide from me and I fall to the carpet panting. My ass throbs as his cum dribbles down my ass cheek, He stands over me as I recover and move to kneel to lick and kiss his pleasure rod, savoring the taste of us. I look up in his eyes, and thank him, then begin to lick his balls till he lifts my chin and kneels to kiss me. He finishes and sits down on the couch before we get ready to go out, I cuddle next him with my face in his crotch, nuzzling his cock and balls. His hands stoke my head and glide over my ass and tits, touching and stroking his fuck bunny. I wait to be told to get dressed in some tiny outfit that will show me off.

I am happy, I am his little cock crazy slut.

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