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I want that dress (and the curves that are filling it).

OMG, I’d head to bar that caters to a big working guy crowd and offer myself to a table of 4 guys in a back dark corner for an evening of depraved activity involving every tight fuck hole I have. I wouldn’t care how they looked, except that they looked at me with lust. My face and body would return the look and I’d strut over doing the model walk, one foot in front of the other making my ass wag and showing my legs off. I’d stop and greet the cocks, yea, I wouldn’t care who they were, just they had cocks they wanted to pump in and out of me.

"Hi Boys, got anything hanging you’d like to put in me?"

If necessary, I’d stand there and raise the dress hem higher and higher till the the thong and my ass showed and then I’d sink slowly onto my knees and begin rubbing one of the guys thighs. Higher and higher till I heard him moan and his pants tent from his hardening dick. My fingernail would scrap along the hardness while I rose and looked at the rest of guys. I hope their faces would be looking back with the lust I felt, while I tortured their friend’s stiff pick with my finger some more. “Well Boys, I’m ready and very willing, how many of you will ccuumm with me to my motel room? Promise to be a very naughty girl, I probably will need to be spanked, several times”. Most or all the table would be on their feet by then, well except for the one I teased a little, he might hunched over a little while things relaxed a little.

I’m sure I could look forward to a nice depraved evening of activities that the maid would hate me for in the morning.

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The rolled back eyes and the grip she has on the cock and the other guys leg do tell a tale, bliss, yes, more so, lust, unspeakable urges and longings of complete submission.

How all of us sissy fuck bunny sluts would love to end every day, well, maybe how every couple of hours would end actually. An existence of utter submission to men’s lusts while experiencing orgasmic highs and depraved, addictive need for cock fucking you in every hole, then filling you with creamy goodness.

 Sounds perfect. Sign me up.

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The way I’d love to end every day at the office. I’d love to have a big powerful guy in a suit (with a nice big dick too) come up to me after working late and ask me to his office, while bushing his hand against me cheek.

Once in his office I turn my back to him so he could come up behind me and grab me around the waist and pull my ass into him. I’d let out a moan and put my hand behind his head while rubbing my ass against his cock to get it even stiffer beneath his pants. I’d kiss him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, while reaching around to grab and caress that throbbing cock. My hands would guide his to my tits so he could rub them and pitch my hardening nipples. My knees would collapse and I’d turn to unzip and release his cock so my mouth can taste him and get it ready for what I really want. My lips and throat would work his dick and slick it up with my spit, my hands would be grabbing his tight ass and pulling. After he was moaning and gasping with pleasure I’d stop the sucking and standup, lift my skirt and pull down my panties and rub some spit into my ass cunt. I’d grab his stiff rod and guide it to my ass pussy as I turned and bent over the desk, waiting, for the thrust that would force a moan of pleasure from me. His cock would sink deep in me as I moaned with every thrust and yelled for him to fuck harder.

I scream with pleasure as I feel his rod swell and him give a hard thrust to bury is cock deep in me as he pumps his cream into my ass, hot and filling. My clitty explodes and adds to the love cream accumulating in my panties. He pulls his cock from my ass pussy and wipes it on my ass as he leaves with a ‘Clean up before you go’ order. I collapse in a sweaty, panting heap on the desk, saying ‘Yes, sir’.

I reach behind me, not being able to resist, and gather some of his cream leaking from my ass cunt. I lick it from my hand and moan, a deeply addicted cum junkie getting her fix. I stand up, take off my panties and give a quick lick to the cream in them and them get my clothes organized, then make sure no ‘evidence’ is left of our tryst. I put on the spare panties I keep in my purse and wad up the ‘used’ ones putting back into the purse.

I love being the ‘easy girl’ that the other woman hate because they won’t allow their lusts to run free. Of course, I let mine run wild and I love being used as the whore I really am. Now I head home to get ready to go out, maybe I can get two guys to come back home with me, I really love getting stuffed with cock at both ends and having hard dicks for breakfast.

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