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Tasty for sure!

Both but I need Sperm deep in Jill’s womb

I’d love to lap that tasty cum from her well fucked cunt. My tongue would probe her pussy till all that cock cream was gone. Then I’d start rimming her tight ass hole, hoping he’d fucked her well there too. Of course, I’d be begging his friends to be using my ass pussy while I was servicing her pleasure holes.


The poor bitch who eats venomous snakes as a natural aphrodisiac, has got to sort her shit out.

Hmm, Blog is called ‘Watching Your Wife Go Black’. I believe that is Annette Schwarz, star of many GGG, 666 and general gonzo productions.

If you married Annette, first of all, you lucky whoever and second, you could be watching her go ‘fill in the blank’! Annette does appear to have few hangups, if any, about experiencing sexual pleasure in any form.

I do wish a couple if things:

- That I was Annette’s significant other. I know there’s a difference between fucking someone and loving them. If I was Annette’s ‘other’, we’d share life, love and probably a lot of kinky sex with each other plus others. You shouldn’t be jealous of your partner getting pleasure, as long as their love is yours, and yours theirs. I’d treasure every minute with someone like Annette, and try to keep all their lusts satisfied, sexual and otherwise. As I said, I Wish, like Deep Purple put it:

She made electric shadows
Beyond our fingertips
And none of us could reach that high

- I’m a fan of her videos and only wish I could claim to be half the slut she is. She appears to really enjoy the sexual acts involving a broad range of kinks that I’d love to experience on a regular basis.

All right, enough of that, back to my regular twisted fantasies.

Tonight they’ll probably include Annette doing all sorts of nasty things to me while I attempt to pleasure her over and over.

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Kakyoin really likes licking cherries

Sometimes Japanese Anime goes a bit weird even for us with somewhat twisted, kinky minds.

Kakyoin and cherries in an example of this. When I first saw I was somewhat WTF!! Then after rewinding to examine what had occurred I found my, well, perverted self, thinking, Hmmm. Gee,  I should practice to use my tongue like that some rounded, throbbing guy parts or maybe find a guy who had similar tongue-fu to use on various parts of me.

How Sissies see the World

Sissies often see objects on the world a bit differently that other persons. Take the banana for example, most person see the banana as a healthy fruit snack. Sissies who have become cock crazed sluts see the banana in a different light. It’s tasty, although many sissies wish the banana might have a different taste and perhaps a creamy filling.  All sissies look at the banana as an oral challenge.

 Can I slide that cock cover on with my mouth now?

 God, I so want a cock in my mouth now, look at the size of that banana, hmmm.

I wonder how deep he can shove his love meat in my throat, look at that banana it’s so nicely fat and long?

Of course all us sissies what to achieve the no gag slut ability demonstrated in the last picture, just let him fuck our mouths and throats till he grabs our heads in that orgasmic last thrust and tries to pump his cum directly in our tummies. Sissies pull back, we want that load in our mouths, to savor the taste, let it roll around, coat all the parts of our mouth so even after we show him how happy we are to swallow his creamy cum, we’ll still have the taste of cock cream on our taste buds for a while.   

BBC Couple – Willing Black Cock Whores – Part 2

Lex (Lexi)’s Tale


Lexi was wearing a small Baby Doll Nightgown with cute sheer panties. She was lying on the bed in a hotel room waiting for Justin (Pappy) Thibodeaux to arrive.  He would test her training as a complete sissy cock slut; she shivered with anticipation as she thought about his cock ponding her fuck holes. Lexi knew the taste of his cum from licking it from her wife, Candi’s, cunt and ass in Pappy’s office. Her mouth watered thinking about having him cum directly in her mouth and ass; she already loved the taste of his cum. She thought about her wife Candi being tested at their house by Pappy’s friends. She hoped she would do well; she loved Candice so much and wanted her to be a successful whore for Pappy. She pressed the lubed butt plug deeper into her ass and moaned relishing the feeling. Her fucktoy programming making her asshole clench the butt plug into her, just like she’d do to any cock, to milk all the cum from it into her fucktoy cum dump ass cunt.


Lexi was Lex just a few months ago, husband to Candice. His change to sissy fuck toy was not his first desire, but, now that it had happened, he was quite happy. Lex was a researcher for a company whose products helped persons relax and improve performance with various chemicals, subliminal mind programming techniques and other electrical stimulus methods. He knew his research could be misused, but he was sure of his bosses and that they only used his inventions to aid persons with addictions and other life destroying problems. Lex had meant Candice at a business show and they fell in love and got married 4 years ago. Lex loved Candice with all his heart and would do anything to please her and make her happy.


Candice started work at Hurewerk, Inc. after they were married and she was the administrator for the company’s overall operations. Both of them made good salaries and were good at their jobs. Lex always had some lingering doubts about his performance in the bedroom. His 4 inch cock wasn’t as big as other men’s he had watched in locker rooms. He tried to ensure Candice’s needs were always meant by any method he could employ. Lex would often desire to lick Candice after he had an orgasm to ensure she had one also. But he could never bring himself to eat his own cum, even though he did constantly look at other men’s cocks. He thought about how powerful the big cocks looked, especially black ones a lot, and had watched internet video of the cocks filling girls with their cum. The girls seemed to like the taste a lot, but he couldn’t bring himself to taste his own cum. He made sure Candice was satisfied by rubbing her pussy till she came. The nights she got slutty in just a T-Shirt and socks, he got her off before he shot his load. Lex and Candice was both happy with their sex lives and one another.


Candice was nervous lately, some big investor from down south was buying her company and she was worried that he would lay her and other off when he took over. Lex assured her she was good at her job and an expert in accounting and management methods. He held her as he explained he was sure she could get hired at this company if she was laid off for her current one. She relaxed and went to sleep in his arms just before he drifted off also. Lex wished Candice good luck as they headed off to work. The next couple weeks went normally and Candice had relaxed. It seems the investor didn’t want to change anything right now; he wanted to learn what right with the company before he started to change it. Candice came home a couple of days later very upset. She had discovered irregularities in the company’s bookkeeping. She told Lex she had made an appointment with the new owner to inform him of the problems. She was worried he might fire her, blaming her for the accounting of the company going bad.  Lex assured her, nothing bad would happen, how anyone could be upset for pointing out possible problems that could lead to legal issues with the government.


Lex was at work when Candice called elated with news. Candice’s meeting with the new owner had gone great and the owner had invited them to dinner at their favorite restaurant to thank her for discovering the problem. He wanted to meet them both and get to know them. Candice told him to meet her there around 6:30 that night. Lex arrived that evening to meet his beaming wife in front of their favorite restaurant. Candice told him that the new owner was waiting inside to meet them and they joined hands and walked inside. Lex saw Candice’s boss and was stunned. As Candice led them towards the table in the private dinning section of the restaurant, he starred at the huge black guy sitting at the table. As they approached and her boss stood up to greet them, he towered over Lex who was the same height as his wife around 5’ 8”. Lex wasn’t prejudiced; he just felt the way he always did in the presence of large, powerfully built men like Candice’s boss, weaker, not equal and subservient. Mr. Justin (Pappy) Thibodeaux introduced himself to Candice and Lex, and told them to call him Pappy. He had already poured some wine and asked to toast their meeting. Lex drank his wine and noticed it had an unusual, but pleasant aftertaste. They talked about the history of the Candice’s company in town and then about what Lex did at his company. He noticed that Pappy was very interested in his work and he relaxed as he talked about what he was doing. Lex subconsciously liked pleasing the man who made him feel subservient. Pappy kept the conversation going over dinner and also kept the wine glasses filled. Lex excused himself to go to the men’s room and notice Pappy was following him. Lex stood at one of the urinals and Pappy stood at the one right next to him. As Lex strained to let his piss flow, nervous about his small penis with Pappy so close, he heard Pappy’s urine flowing like a waterfall. He looked over to see a huge black cock pissing urine like a hose. He locked on the sight of the cock; it was so big compared to his. He noticed that Pappy had seen him looking and Pappy was now looking at his dick and smiling. For some reason that made Lex relax and he started to pee. Pappy finished first and brushed by Lex, Lex could have sworn Pappy’s hand rubbed over his asscheeks lightly as he passed to wash his hands. Lex must have been mistaken. They went back to the table and finished dinner. Lex and Candice thanked Pappy for a nice dinner. Pappy thanked them for coming and told them he looked forward to speaking with them soon. Lex looked back as they were leaving and saw Pappy smiling at them as they were leaving.


About a week later, Pappy called Lex at his job. Pappy told him he wanted to branch out at Candice’s company and would like Lex to come and work for him. He would setup an R&D lab for him and make him head of R&D plus double his salary. Lex agreed the next day and went to meet with Pappy. Pappy’s handshake almost made Lex wince and as they when to sit down Lex found himself starring at Pappy crotch thinking about that massive cock held there. His cock gave a little at that though which upset him. It didn’t take long and the deal was struck. Lex would start at the beginning of next week. It seemed Pappy wanted to help people with sexual problems to lead normal live with their loved ones. He called Candice with the news who was thrilled they would be working at the same company and loved the idea that they could see more of each other.


Lex started working and the first thing Pappy wanted was a subliminal injector that could place subconscious commands into ordinary audio feeds. Lex got that done quickly and gave pappy the prototype unit. He then started work on the reclining chair programmers that would aid people with pent up sexual issues. He enjoyed working at the new company as the head of R&D. The company was pleasant and even had nice background music playing since he started. Maybe it was because he was so relaxed at the new job, but Lex started ‘researching’ some kinky sex. He was constant worried that he didn’t really please Candice in bed even though she assured him he did. He started watched internet porn video were the girl took command. Lex got turned on by these videos and began to fantasize about begin the submissive guy in the videos. He started watching kinkier versions were the guy ate his own cum from the girl, that turned him on now. Other videos had guys sucking strap-ons and sometimes their wives had taken big cock lovers and they sucked the lovers cocks and cum. Lex got really tuned on by these fantasies.


Lex came home one night a couple of weeks later to Candice wearing much less than a T-Shirt. She dragged him to the bed and almost ripped his clothes off. He loved it; his kinky fantasies were coming true. She pushed him naked onto the bed and rode him to orgasm; she was a wildcat, bouncing up and down on him till they both came so hard they were breathless. Lex loved Candice’s new sexy side that was emerging. He liked it that she was taking control of their sex life, that way he knew she would be satisfied with the sex they were having since they would be doing what she liked and lusted for. As weeks went by Candice got way kinkier in the bedroom and other rooms as she demanded more and more submission to her and her new lusts. Lex watched more and more internet videos where wives were turning their husband into sissies that craved cock and cum as much as nymphomaniacs. He started wanting Candice to try these things and one night during a particularly lust filled session he started begging her to sit on his face after she came. She grinned evilly and ground her cum filled cunt onto his smiling mouth. His tongue lapped cum from her cunt that he had just pumped into her and he loved the taste of his own cum. Candice seemed to like what he was doing also; she seemed to orgasm several times while his tongue was working hard. Why had he waited so long to pleasure Candice this way, the orgasms both of them had was fantastic.


Lex was working hard at his R&D division and completed two prototypes of his recliners to aid persons in treating sexual problems. Pappy said his was sure to have a couple of volunteers by the time Lex finished the testing. That night Candice added a new kink to now nightly fuck sessions. Candice and him had noticed they both they came easily and several times quickly now. This added to the fun and Lex noticed the amount of cum from his cock has increased greatly each time he came. Candice started by tying him to the bed and then massaging his cock and balls then dipping lubed fingers into his ass. God, he was screaming with lust, but the ball gag kept it to mulled moans. After what seemed like hours to Lex she impaled herself on his cock, but not her cunt, it was her asshole, she never let him do this before. He was so aroused his orgasm lasted almost a minute; he thought his balls had pumped out through his cock. She was still sitting on his cock as he was going limp. God, he dropped a huge load in her ass. Candice looked down as her little cum slut of a husband as she removed the ball gag and smiled. Ready for it love, and she rose off his limp cock and planted her ass rosebud over his mouth. Lex’s cock sprung erect again in a second, his mouth opened without thinking and his tongue reached out to probe. He felt her ass entrance relax and open with his tongue. A moan of lust escaped his mouth from under her ass and she started to orgasm again. Candice’s pussy and ass spasmed uncontrollably which caused her ass to push all Lex’s cum out into his waiting mouth. He thought it would never end and then she grabbed his cock and started stoking fast and hard. Her mouth was working his cock as her ass worked his tongue. He lost control; he filled her mouth with more cum and tried to suck the rest from her ass. She got off his face, then lay next to him and kissed him to share his cum together.


As several more weeks when by things escalated to extreme kinky at the Goodman. On the weekends Lex was subjected more extreme activities and he loved and lusted for it. He didn’t know what had gotten into Candice and him, for that matter, but he didn’t want it to stop. She had him all his cum from her holes and sometimes begging for it. He watched with anticipation as she let cum drain from her into a big bowl which he then had to lap up. She discovered she came from pissing if his mouth was on her pussy. He had watched some of those videos with girls making guys lap their golden nectar, but he never dreamed Candice would want him to. The first time she grabbed his hair and held his face to her as she filled his mouth with her delicious yellow honey to drink, he instantly was hard again, which made her happy. Lex never wore clothes anymore on the weekends and she only wore scrapes of cloth here and there to excite him to fuck. Both of them had orgasm after orgasm and they kept going until they fell asleep each time. This when on to a lesser degree on weeknights, but Candice made sure he was servicing her hot holes every night and getting loads of cum and piss to slake his hunger for. He noticed she also had built up hungers for the same fluids as him. She often shared his consumption of their shared fuck juices, licking from containers or bowls. Lex now waited naked for her kneeling next to their bed. His mouth now opened as she entered, he was anxious to taste her arousal and please her over and over.


Lex started watching sissy training videos a lot, including the hypno ones. Lex started to wonder what female underwear would feel like against his skin. He researched online and got some depilatory creams to remove all his hair below his top of his head. He also ordered some feminine creams to use after the hair removing ones to keep his skin nice to feel. One night he stepped in the shower and emerged changed. His skin was so smooth and sensitive, the creams made his skin feel soft and he smelled like Candice now. He pulled on a pair of Candice’s thong panties and got an erection as the thong went between his ass cheeks. His hips were the same size as hers; he always was on the thin side for a guy. He jerked off quick to get rid of the nasty stiffee and licked his cum off his hand as he when to look in the mirror. He thought he looked hot, for the first time he noticed his nipples looked puffy and they were very sensitive lately, which made Candice happy. He tucked his cock back and put on a pair of Candice’s leggings, he loved how he looked, his ass looked a lot like Candice’s rounded rump and he loved it. Lex decided only to wear women’s underwear from then on.


Candice started dressing sexier every day for work, Lex wasn’t worried about losing her, he was kind of jealous of how she looked. She kissed Lex wearing a very sheer top with a lacy bra and a very short skirt. She told Lex she’d have a special surprise for her little cum slut tonight as she left and slapped his ass. He was anxious with lust all day at work, the first chairs were all tested and awaiting the first subjects. Pappy was working on the programs for the first subjects. Lex had created an interface that anyone program chairs with. He hurried home anxious to see Candice’s surprise. Candice was waiting already flushed with lust. He stripped showing his hairless body and thong for the first time. Candice told him she loved his present to her ordered him to her. As his tongue probed her openings, he found creamy cum already there. She pulled his head back, alright husband, I noticed you never got enough cum, so I stopped at the adult bookstore to get some toys and also got filled up with random guys cum too. His cock showed he liked this and she smiled, alright my love, clean me now. His mind blanked with lust for the other men’s cum and quickly consumed it. Afterwards she told him the other surprises. Tonight you become my bitch, Lexi. You will no longer be a man, but a feminized slut for my pleasure (and yours too I’m sure), you will no longer think of yourself as a man, and only answer to Lexi or her. You will learn to suck real cocks and be fucked by them. You will wear only female clothes and work to be more a girl every day. Do you want this, Lexi, to be my lesbian slut, serving me and the guys who fill me with yummy cum? YES, YES, PLEASE, change me, Lexi screamed.


Candice put a butt plug in Lexi’s new cunt and then throat fucked him with her strap-on. She learned quickly to deep throat. Candice then removed the plug to moans of pleasure and started to fuck him for the first time. His moans and lust to be fucked by pushing back as this thrust drove her wild. She fucked to an orgasm for both of them. She pushed his face down into the puddle of cum he released to lap it up, followed by her flooding his mouth with yellow nectar. Lexi turned over to see Candice remove 8 used condoms from a bag. Open love for the final present tonight, Lexi opened her slut mouth as the contents of the condoms were dumped into mouth for her to swallow. Lexi loved it.


Candice brought home a whole new wardrobe for Lexi the next night. She told him they could share bottoms, but she was much bigger on top so she got her some other tops to accent her near A-Cup boobs for guys. Lexi had more cum form Candice’s holes and condoms of with creamy filling form the bookstore which became a regular event. Candice trained Lexi to be a better cum dump cock sucking slut so they could go out together to have fun. Over the next few weeks Lexi became a great cum slut. They both went to work wearing similar clothes that showed they were sluts. No one really said anything since they were the bosses and no one really cared for some reason. They would stop by the bookstore on the way home where both of them would suck cock after cock, get fucked in all their holes by cocks and their swap cum from mouths and fuck holes as customers tossed money at the two sluts to encourage even kinkier activities. Lexi was addicted to serving Candice and her cunt. At work Candice would call and Lexi would appear in the ladies room ready to receive Candice’s yellow fluid she now craved as much as cum. At home Candice had progressed Lexi’s training to complete submission to men and women. Lexi was restrained, flogged, and clamps used to stimulate her nipples. Candice had noticed Lexi’s boobs were a full A-cup now and her weight had redistributed to female curves. She had become a pretty hot piece of ass. Her long dirty blonde hair looked nice and Lexi looked like a slutty thin women now. Lexi loved her new look and how guys looked at her now.


The next day they were ordered to Pappy’s office. Wearing very slutty clothes that day, Lexi worried that they would get fired. Pappy looked pleased to see them; in fact he looked real pleased to see them. Lexi thought his cock was a little hard as he looked at them. She licked her lips as she remembered seeing that cock in the restaurant men’s room. He made them an offer that seemed too good to be true. Lexi thought there was some trick until Pappy took his cock out. He motioned for them to crawl to him. The ripped off most of their clothes and crawled to him. Lexi almost pushed Candice back to get to the cock first. It was magnificent, a fat, black 11 inches of cunt pleasing meat. Lexi shared sucking and licking it with Candice and then Pappy chose her to get fucked first. Lexi was jealous of her wife and as she got fucked in all her holes, until Pappy let Lexi clean Candice and his cock afterwards. Pappy explained what was next and Lexi giggled as she figured out they were to be the first subjects of her chairs. Candice and Lexi kissed as Candice left for training. Lexi looked at Pappy as he explained he wanted to personally finish her training to a first class slut. Lexi giggled with joy and Pappy told it was time for her to get trained.


Lexi walked to room 102 in R&D and finished stripping. She climbed into the chair and the dildos were positioned at her mouth and ass. Another device was placed over her cock and ball while her nipples got suction devices. The IV was inserted and the mask and earphones were applied. The IV was started and Lexi’s training had started. Like Candice she was to be a black cock whore for Pappy. She was being given slightly more submissive training then Candice, but the outcome would be the same. Both Candice and Lexi would remain intelligent, in fact, their IQ would probably increase. But their lust for sex would increase hundreds of times and they would desire mainly black cock, but any cock would do. Most of their inhibitions were already gone, but the machine would remove the rest. They would love cum, piss and spit as complete sluts. Lexi knew they would executives of the company by day and whores of the company by night. Part of their job would be to select others to become like them and supervise their training into whores also. Lexi started having orgasms as the machine pumped cum mix into her ass and mouth. Her balls had been injected with a drug to make them shrink smaller and her clitty was already tiny. The mouth dildo reinforced the desire for cum, piss and spit both she and Candice already had. Candice would always be her wife and owner, but both of them would submit to any man or women that Pappy told them to for sex. Thanks to the potion Pappy used they would both live a very, very long time and remain young looking. Pappy reserved that mix only for the very special whores to him. Lexi and Candice were special to him, he was hot for both of them and they were important to the company. Lexi continued to change into a perfect little slut. She was released a week later and went immediately to a hotel she was directed to wait for Pappy to come, and well, turn her out personally. She got dressed by putting a butt plug in her hungry ass cunt and putting on a thong, stockings and micro dress. No bra let her stiff nipples show through the sheer material of the dress and you could see her stocking tops below the hem line of the dress. Lexi had embraced slut as quickly as Candice had when leaving for testing. Her purse had a camisole she planned to wear to wait for Pappy. She wanted to present an innocent look to him as she waited for him to plow her into whoredom with the magnificent fuck meat he had between his legs.


Lexi reached the hotel and when to the room. She wanted Pappy’s cock badly, but she also wished she and Candice could have been tested together. Well, Pappy said he’d take her home to Candice after he was finished and she could join Candice in whatever was happening. She stripped off her clothes and put the camisole on to wait. She lay back on the bed, trying to look like an innocent bride on a wedding night.



BBC Couple – Willing Black Cock Whores – Part 1

Candice’s Tale


Candice Goodman was waiting in skin tight rubber pants and no top. She liked showing off her D-Cup tits and round tight ass now, especially tonight. In the past weeks Candice preferred to only wear clothes that gave guys, especially black guys, a hard-on. She started as just an office manager a few months ago, but now she was COO and was an expert at managing black cocks also. She loved her demonstrating her new skills with any guys, but black guys especially.  She always wore skin tight pants or micro skirts now with tiny thongs to show her money makers as her boss called her pussy cunt and ass cunt. Next week he promised that her and husband Lex could go and get nipple, belly button and clitty piercings with tattoos marking them as slutty whores to celebrate their working together both at his company and as cock sluts.


Tonight was the day she officially would prove her abilities as a black cock whore. Justin (Pappy) Thibodeaux was her boss (and pimp). Anyway she heard the guys arrive that Pappy had send over for her to demonstrate her training was complete and she felt her pussy and asshole throb with anticipation.  She hoped her husband Lex (well Lexi now) was having a good time with Pappy at the hotel. He promised her they would be back together later to service black cock together as sissy and wife. Candice started down the stairs, her pussy getting wetter with each step down the stairs as she got hotter and hotter to demonstrate how good a whore she was.


So how did Candice and husband Lex Goodman discover they wanted to service and pleasure men as whores, especially black men with big cocks? It started where Candice was an office manager at a local firm, Hurewerk, Inc., that sold replacement parts and supplies for industrial companies in the area. She had worked there since she got married to Lex 4 years ago. They were happy, the sex was adequate and everything was fine. Candice loved Lex with all her heart and soul and Lex felt the same way. Lex was kind of a thin, short guy (same height as her) with somewhat girlish features, she kind of liked that. Sometimes she wished for a little more cock on him, but he made up for that with a very skilled tongue. Candice sometimes spiced things up by wait for Lex to get home wearing just a thin t-shirt, panties, and long socks. It accented her B-Cup breasts, and long legs. Lex went crazy seeing her like that and would sometimes really lose control and pull her short blonde hair a little.


The end of last year, a black guy named Justin (Pappy) Thibodeaux came up from New Orleans and bought the company Candice worked at. Everyone thought he was a rich investor looking to branch out and for the most part he was. What the town didn’t know was Pappy was rich due to being a pimp. New Orleans was getting a bit ‘hot’ for him so he moved to Candice and Lex’s town to start over. Pappy provided other services, even darker than pimping, that he used to ‘hire workers’. He was a Bokor, a Hoodoo priest from a long line of priests and priestesses. He served the Loa (gods) with both hands, meaning he provided served both the light and dark gods. Pappy liked happy, willing whores who loved what they did. He had created a potion that made the drinker lust for black cock and if not black, any cock plus made their will subject to his ‘recommendations’ for who to fuck, what to wear, etc. The sex drive increased a hundred times (making a horny, lusting slut out of most people), inhibition would vanish for kinky sex, basically a fucktoy maker. However the Loa, had rules of balance.  The dark gods gave the potion the power to change the drinker to slutty, but, the light gods ensured that love would conquer all for someone drinking the potion. If the person receiving the formula truly loved someone, the effects would be directed only at that person loved and they could resist the makers ‘recommendations’. Pappy had found kind of a way to ensure the potion always worked for what he wanted, if the person was in love. He simply gave the potion to both the people in love. That made both of them lust crazed sluts with each other and whoever he sent to them. He discovered that giving the potion to men had several other effects that many clients desired also.


So Pappy took over the company and mainly used it to launder money from the other services he provided. That’s how he met Candice. She noticed some strange monetary transactions in the computers and Pappy noticed her ass and tits.  Pappy explained away the questionable transactions as some bookkeeping errors after his purchase of the company. Pappy told her he was hiring a new bookkeeping staff and the issues would soon be corrected (this was true; the new staff knew how to hide the cash flow).  Pappy told her he was very grateful to her for her for noticing the possible problem and he would like to thank her by taking her and her husband to dinner.


Candice called Lex at the consulting firm he worked at and told him they were invited to dinner by her new boss. Lex told her he’d meet her at the restaurant. Candice and Lex had a nice dinner with Pappy and, of course, Pappy made sure both of them got a large dose of the potion with their dinners. Pappy found out a lot about them that evening. He noticed that Lex was nervous around him. When Lex visited the restroom Pappy followed and noticed him looking at his big block cock. Pappy smiled, Lex already had doubts about his manhood. He’d remove all doubt soon enough. As they were leaving the restaurant Pappy was very happy with his newest recruits and couldn’t wait to see the transformation from the conservative dressing couple they now were to the exhibitionist sluts they would turn themselves into. Candice would look so much better in sheer tops and miniskirts at work. Soon he thought, soon.


Over the next couple of weeks nothing major occurred except for Lex quitting his current job and starting to work at Candice’s company with Pappy. Pappy wanted him to oversee a special project for him in R&D. Candice thought it was great, they could have lunch together now and ride to work together. She also liked some other changes Pappy was making, like the new background music at work; she really liked it for some reason. Candice started feeling horny at work, she never thought about sex at work before. Once, she realized her hand was in her lap starting to rub at the crotch in her pants. Hmm, she’d have to encourage Lex to work on that with her; she had to remain a role model at work for the subordinates.


Candice’s new horniness turned into lots of sex with Lex. She started taking the lead in the bedroom, and practically ripped Lex’s clothes off now. He seemed to like it a lot and encouraged her to take even more control. As the weeks progressed Lex begged for more kinky activities that were even more submissive. She was thinking of even more things to do to submissive Lex anyway. He loved rimming her ass which got her off and she desired now. He begged her to sit on his face after they fucked, she loved him doing this, he cleaned his cum out of her cunt and ass and she came another 3 or 4 times. She did notice both of them could have multiple orgasms now, she liked that, more cum for him to lick and suck from her fuck holes. Hell, she thought, Lex’s balls seemed to be filled with cum forever now. It felt like a quart of the stuff was injected into her ass when she was riding his dick. She’d planned next time to squirt the fuck juice from her ass into a bowl for him to lick up and she could she how much cum his balls was putting out now.


After a couple of weeks, neither of them really wore clothes or left the bedroom much on the weekends. If you could have listened, moans of lust would be heard as Candice welded a belt onto Lex’s ass before she would begin another round of riding his cock while he was bound to the bed. Afterwards she would ride his face to ‘recycle’ his cum from her cunt and ass as she squeezed his balls and played with his cock. He really liked the taste of cum now and Candice was thinking of ways of getting him more. She loved down at the love of her life as she pulled his hair to seal his mouth to her pussy. She liked submissive Lex and how much time his tongue spend pleasuring her holes now. She orgasmed 8 or 9 times during each fuck session they had now. Candice wished she had started doing this when they were first married; Lex generally only got her off 1 out 4 fuck sessions, now he was a little engine that could. She smiled and thought of a new kink for her husband to submit too. She looked into Lex’s eyes and told him, open wide honey, a new treat is coming for you. She then released her piss and was amazed that he drank it down and got a hard-on. Then another surprise for her, she came while pissing in his mouth and it was fantastic. Candice was going to look on the internet to get more ideas for fun times with hubby Lex.


Candice changed how she dressed at work as weeks passed; the blouses and tops showed more cleavage and the sheerer bras, her stiff nipples, the skirts became much shorter with garter belt stockings or thin leggings that hugged her curvy ass. She started shopping online for slutty lingerie, leather, rubber and latex outfits. She found herself fingering her clit at her desk dreaming of Lex fucking her and licking her to orgasms while the new music played in the background.  God she loved Lex and the changes he was showing, she got so many lusty ideas to do with him while at work. She had noticed how he started looking nicer somehow and his skin was so smooth and soft now, all that nasty hair was gone. She noticed her mind drifted to thinking lusty thoughts more and more and as she stared at guys crotches a lot now, wondering if their cocks were big with large balls to lick and suck on. Several online sites gave ideas about what to do with Lex in some of her new outfits. That night she stopped at an Adult Bookstore and bought lots of toys for her and Lex. Her ass felt empty now and ached to be filled. Lex’s cock never had really filled her, but he did satisfy her in all other ways. Oh well, the butt plug she bought should fill things up nicely. She visited the booths to fill several condoms with a snack for Lex and got her mouth, cunt and ass filled too. She was surprised at first as she sucked and fucked unknown guys cocks, but then she got in to it and thought how happy Lex will be with all the cum.


That night, lusts and nasty desires held in check by both of them were released forever. Candice fucked Lex into Lexi her bitch as he begged for it. First Candice pulled Lex’s begging mouth to her cunt and ass (he waited kneeling at the bed now for her every night to service her pussy and ass). He discovered her creamy filling and his tongue licked her clean in a frenzy of cum lust. She was happy he liked her stopping and getting satisfied by other men, in fact, he told her to do it more. After she caught her breath from coming several times, Candice showed Lex her new toys for them. She lubed Lex’s ass and inserted a butt plug the made him moan, she then rammed her new strap-on into Lex’s pussy of a mouth till he started to gag. Lex, you’ve got to learn to take my cock all the way in love she told him. She had him deep throating in just a little while. Lex was a fast learner. As she was twisting Lex’s nipples, Lex started moaning and begging for Candice to fuck him. She was smiling as she popped the butt plug and sank the strap-on deep into him. He went wild with lust to be fucked which triggered her to fuck him hard and fast. She grabbed Lex’s hair and pushed his face into his own cum puddle to make him eat his cream. Watching him submit made her so hot. After he licked up his cum she then climbed onto his face and let him lick her till she was close to coming. She grabbed his head and released her golden piss for him to drink. He greedily drank it down and licked her to an explosive orgasm as she finished. Candice then got out the condoms full of creamy snacks and began draining them into his eager mouth one by one. Lex begged and begged for each condom of cum and Candice loved him watching the slut stick his tongue out as goblet after goblet of cum dripped into his mouth.


Candice ran her fingernails over his cock and balls teasing, and then probing his ass cunt with her lubed fingers, she asked if he lusted for more of what happened tonight.  He moaned YES, YES, please, Candice, PLEASE make me your bitch. The internet had some many good ideas. She explained what that would mean for him, he would become her sissy and cum slut. He would wear only slutty female lingerie and clothes from now on and he would be eating lots of cum from her fuck holes went she got home. Lexi took some measurements and smiled, Lex’s (well, Lexi now) hips and waist were the same as hers. She only had to get some tops, blouses and lingerie for his chest size. She wondering when Lexi had gotten A-cup titties, anyway she would get them some nice lacy, slut bras.


 She when to the lingerie store the next evening on the way home and got Lexi some slutty bras, camisoles  and sleepwear for him, well her, to wear. Candice also tossed all of Lexi’s male clothes in a dumpster. He could wear her skirts and leggings from now on, her nipples hardened at the thought for some reason. She stopped at the Adult Bookstore to pick up a nightly filling of cum (which she thought about now like getting groceries) and proceeded home. She dressed Lexi in her new slutwear and then had her eat the fresh cream from her holes. She then had him go ass up and face down to get fucked by her strap-on till his clitty spurted and she had another couple of orgasms herself.


The next day, Candice and Lexi drove work wearing identical miniskirts with stockings and very thin blouses showing the bras underneath clearly. They both were also wearing cute metal butt plugs with pink jewels in them; they liked the feeling of their asses being filled. During the day at work Candice called Lexi to meet her in the women’s rest room so Lexi could receive liquid refreshment from her and Candice could cum. After work Candice told Lexi she needed to learn some new skills and Lexi giggled and she asked what. They stopped at the Adult Bookstore and spend a few hours in a booth sucking cock after cock and swapping cum with one another. Lexi learned all about cocksucking that night and loved it. They went home and fucked one another brainless. Candice showed Lexi the pleasures of total submission with restrains, floggers and nipple clamps. Lexi pleasured all of her Mistresses fuck holes over and over. Lexi’s tongue served Candice well that night, which was good, because Lexi’s clitty stayed limp even when she spurted during several orgasms. This continued for about a month, Candice and Lexi became very good at cock sucking and cum drinking at the Bookstore. Candice would guide cocks into her husband’s ass cunt and then swap cum with him by kissing as another cock fucked her pussy. They were a big hit at the bookstore and men often lined up to use the fuck toys now.


The next day at work Pappy asked to see them. They both when to his office wearing skin tight semi- transparent leggings, tiny thongs, with almost see through tops with sheer bras on underneath.  The outfits were completed with 4 inch heels on knee high fuck me boots. Pappy looked at his almost ready new whores and smiled. His voice under the office music had guided them into perfect natural sluts. The potion had changed Lex nicely and Pappy’s cock twitched a little at the sight of both of them. Candice was staring at Pappy’s crotch as his cock twitched and she licked her lips with desire. Lexi noticed too and her month opened slightly involuntarily getting ready to receive the cock. Pappy smiled at how lust filled both of them were as they reached behind one another to push, then release the butt plugs in each other ass cunts as they stood there. Pappy told them he was very happy at their work at the company and was going to promote them both to executive level. Candice would be in charge of general operations (COO, chief operations officer) and Lexi would be chief of R&D (CRO, chief research officer). Pappy then offered them a second job to help relieve their other desires. He told he noticed how, well, horny they were and could help. Since they were now executives they could leave early to work at the new job and after they were trained, they could work together.


Pappy told them they all could make even more money with him as their ‘manger’ and satisfy their lustful urges at the same time. Pappy proposed they have sex with his business partners and potential customers.  They could work together both at the company and as special workers. Pappy now unzipped his pants and let his fat 11 inch cock out. He said, did I mention there would be addition fringe benefits? Candice and Lexi agreed quickly as the cock sluts both dropped to their hands and knees and crawled for that cock. They both took turns licking and sucking Pappy’s pick till it was fully erect with pulsing veins. Pappy fucked Candice’s mouth, cunt and ass with his cock. She begged and begged for more. Lexi watched and rubbed her clitty while jamming 3 fingers into her ass cunt as her wife got fucked brainless into a black cock slut that day. Lexi watched Candice get fucked by Pappy’s massive cock and she didn’t feel jealous or that she lost Candice at all. All Lexi felt was lust; she wanted a turn with that fuck meat after her wife got through with it and pushed her fingers in deep to her cunt as her clitty spurted sissy juice.  After Pappy finished with his new slut, he motioned for Lexi to crawl over and clean her wife’s face and fuck holes with her tongue. Lexi gladly compiled and was very happy as Pappy moved so she could lick his cock clean too. Afterwards, the mindless lust controlled sluts, Lexi and Candice moved to start pleasuring one another asses with probing tongues moaning as they worked one another ass cunts to stimulate yet another orgasm from each of them.


Pappy looked at his two new sluts and smiled. Everyone was happy; they were in sexual ecstasy and still desired one another and whatever cock was close also. He would have two additional happy whore asses to rent out in a couple of weeks. In addition to Candice and Lexi would still working at the company and would be great role models to the rest of the staff, Pappy liked happy, horny workers. Lexi was enabling the special project to move quickly, which he liked and she and Candice would be the first to receive the treatments Lexi had invented.  Pappy spoke to his two new sluts as they finished licking and sucking one another. Candice, you will go to Room 101 in the lab area and obey the people there. They will finish your training for your new job, after which you will go home to complete a test. Lexi, you will go to room 102 for similar training. Lexi, after your training is completed you will come with me to a hotel where I will administer your final test personally.


Candice kissed her hubby goodbye and said I love you as she walked to Room 101 in the R&D lab. She didn’t care she was basically naked anymore.  The lab people were expecting her and placed her, now completely naked into a reclining chair. An IV was inserted while dildos were positioned at her cunt and ass openings. Specialized suction devices were applied to her nipples as a third dildo was positioned to penetrate her mouth. She wasn’t worried by this being done; she instead was impatient and wanted it to start. Finally a mask was placed over her eyes with earphones and it started. The IV ran drugs that placed her into a state of bliss and encouraged learning of pleasurable things. As images started to play in front of her eyes plus words and music in her ears, the dildos started to work. In and out of her cunt, ass and mouth they pumped and came also. Sometimes just one or two, sometimes all three dildos thrusting, in and out of her, pumping creamy cum like chemicals into her to be absorbed, some would ready her mind for training, some would increase he breast size and stimulate hair growth on her head while stopping it everywhere else. The nipple devices sucked and rubbed, the dildos fucked, keeping Candice in a state of orgasmic mindless lust for days. All the while, her urges for kinky sex were encouraged and the dildos supplied real cum and piss for her to learn to savor and desire.  She started to stick tongue out for spurts of cum and piss from the dildo after the first couple of hours. The machine was training her body and mind to become a perfect fuck toy whore for men and women with few limits. She now lusted for the feel and taste of cum, piss and sweat being pumped in her and on her while doing almost anything to get them from her client. When she was released she felt totally happy with what she had become.


She was Candice, Chief Operating Officer of a company that supplied parts and whores. She was also now Candi, one of the CFTs (Chief Fuck Toys) of the company too. She hoped Lexi, her husband would do well since she couldn’t wait to collaborate (giggle) with clients partnered with her husband.


She inserted a butt plug and pulled on skin tight rubber pants and a transparent mesh top for the drive home, her tits seemed to have grown to a D-Cup during her training. She pulled on some fuck me sandals with 3 inch heels and headed to home. She wanted to show Pappy how good a whore she was going to be for the company. She pressed the pedal down a little further, anxious to show the testers what pleasures she could perform for their satisfaction.  Candi also liked the idea of several big black cocks were waiting for her attention. Her cunt throbbed with excitement and she clenched the butt plug in her ass as her lust built to have those fat black cocks fuck all her holes till she had milked every drop of sperm into cumdump holes.


She was so glad Lexi and her hubby worked for Hurewerk Inc. She giggled thinking about the company name translated from German, the machine hadn’t made her dumber, it had actually increased her intelligence, smart whores could think of more kinky things to please clients. She know how to act like a bimbo, she just wasn’t mentally a bimbo, even though her and hubby worked for Whore Works Inc.

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